When nothing else seems to work… together, we’ll find a way.

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Create a Life Experience Worth Living.

You’ve hit a brick wall: In your business, relationship, faith, or personal development…or maybe all of the above. How much is not knowing what the next steps to take costing you, your career, your family, or your life? How many more mornings will you wake up feeling lost, unfulfilled, or uncertain about the next steps to take? A lack of an outside perspective, accountability, and a plan may be costing you. Together, we will find a way to transform your life into one worth living.

Life is a team sport. At Dupre Life Coaching we know there are roadblocks that inevitably show up in different parts of our lives and it’s not always easy to see the other side of them. Through faith-based life coaching, we will navigate your next steps from point A to Z. This is a safe place for you to discuss what obstacles are holding you back or leaving you unfulfilled. As a team, together we will create an actionable plan to transform your life and take the next steps toward a fulfilling life. 

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Why Coaching?

Transforming your life is a team effort. We guide you through an actionable plan toward fulfillment.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Coaching Services

We will have an open discussion about what roadblocks you’re currently experiencing. This will be your opportunity to verbalize what you’re going through so that we can begin to take a deep dive into how to work through pain points in your life.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Finding Happiness

Joy is something everyone desires, but it can feel elusive for those that struggle with depression and feelings of pain or loss. As your partner and coach, I will help you rediscover the passions that bring you fulfillment and joy.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Confidence Building

Low self esteem can be a tremendous obstacle both personally and professionally. If you struggle with self confidence and feelings of unworthy, not good enough, unlovable – I am here to show you that you are enough, you are amazing, and together we will power through this and build up your self worth.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Traumatic Healing

Have you had a traumatic event in your life that you simply cannot seem to overcome? Together we will work through this experience, to free you from the bonds it is holding over you. You can break through the stronghold and actually live a full life again.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Breaking Bad Behavior

Having a habit or addiction that is negatively impacting your life/health is not something you have to continue to struggle with. Having a coach and accountability partner by your side will allow you to conquer the bad behavior and learn to replace it with something life giving, not life taking.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Life Planning

Planning for the future can be overwhelming – but as your life coach I can help you to see the big picture. Structuring your life plan around this desired outcome. That way you never have to worry about feelings of regret or doubt because you will know what you are working towards and can be more decisive because of it.

Eric Dupre life coaching

Together, we’ll find a way.

Father | Entrepreneur | Life Coach | Author | Car/Sports Guy

Eric J. Dupre’ is a successful infrastructure innovator, speaker, best selling author, and father of two daughters. Best know for developing solution companies/products and solving complex infrastructure problems for the wastewater industry for many years. Former co-founder and owner of Southern Trenchless Solutions a multimillion-dollar infrastructure rehab company based in Texas and co-founder of SewperCover™ composite manhole cover product. A pioneer and innovator who provides tangible solutions to existing real-world problems.

After many successful years Eric sold his construction company and become an industry consultant helping other firms with business development and quality control. In 2019 Eric publish the amazon best seller The Lost Art of Faith book. This led Eric to combining his problem-solving skills and passion for coaching others and become a life coach. Giving back by teaching others how to better manage and problem solve life’s greatest challenges is a real passion for Eric.

When not helping solve the worlds problems and life coaching, Eric enjoys spending time with his two daughters, traveling, working out, watching sports, and doing anything near water. He wishes to impact the world in a big and special way some day.    

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“I enjoy seeing my clients overcome obstacles and becoming successful people in life no matter what the challenge is.”

The Book

The Lost Art of Faith by Eric Dupre

The more I dug into the deeper meaning of scripture the more I was able to decode my human behaviors and align myself with core fundamentals of living a freed life. I’d discovered that true lasting success and power came from living a right life style. I had to fight off my own human nature as well as societal norms to harness peace, love, and joy in this world.

Mathew 16:26 “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” To be void at the center of your heart and soul you truly have nothing, and I know because I had it all and lost it all. My purpose in life is to share this information to help anyone who is lost in this world and wants some real answers and solutions for lasting change.

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What our happy clients are saying…

Eric Dupre life coaching
Eric is dedicated to growing toward becoming the man God has called him to be. He understands life is a journey and the importance of perseverance and endurance. James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

Pastor Derrick McNeil

Eric Dupre life coaching
I’ve had multiple sessions with Eric over the years on various topics and he has this great ability to help find the silver lining. His ability to see a positive outcome has helped me navigate many crossroads in life. He has treated me like a good friend and also given it to me straight up. If you want results and a positive outcome Eric is your man!

Robert Hart

Eric Dupre life coaching

Eric brings in a spiritual aura of light like I have never felt. His ability to share spiritual life analogies have helped me see deeper into myself and his positive afferication energy wants you to find that light within yourself. Eric cares deeply about others and this world. I highly recommend him for life coaching services.

Blair Bresler

Eric Dupre life coaching
I’ve worked with Eric off and on over the years and he has helped me see a different perspective to various problems. He’s a mastermind at breaking down the root problem and finding unique ways to solve the issue at hand.

Macy McDaniel


Our faith shapes our beliefs and what we believe is what we become in life!

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